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Motor Vehicle Glossary:


Boat Registration Renewal:  All boats licensed in Kentucky are required to be licensed each year in the month of April. 


C of O: A certificate of Origin states where the vehicle was manufactured.  This comes directly from the dealership.


Junk a KY Title:  A junked title means that the title/registration of a motor vehicle will be removed from the state data base. 


Lien: A Lien is a legal claim on the property of another individual, for the satisfaction of a debt. Eligible items for motor vehicle liens are automobiles, boats, motorcycles, mobile homes and trailers.


New Vehicle:  A New vehicle is a vehicle that has never been titled.


Obtaining a Duplicate Title:  You can obtain a duplicate title when you have misplaced the original title to your vehicle.  Once the application is processed for a duplicate, the original title will be cancelled and the duplicate title becomes the new current title. 


Out of state title and registration:   Out of state title and registration means that a motor vehicle is currently registered in another state and the owner now wishes to register the motor vehicle into the state of Kentucky.  


Personalize Plates:  Your license plate for your motor vehicles can be personalized to your preference if available.


Rebuilt:  Rebuilt is a process to get your vehicle back on the road after it has gone through the Salvage process.  The paperwork is sent to the state for approval.  If approved your motor vehicle title will then reflect Rebuilt status.


Registration Renewal:  Annual renewal of your motor vehicle’s license plate.


Salvage:  Your insurance company may request a salvage title for a motor vehicle that has been damaged. A salvage title takes the vehicle off the road (cancels the registration) until a Rebuilt process has been completed.


TLS: A TLS is a Title Lien Statement (TC 96-187) is used to place a lien or release a lien on a vehicle.


Termination Statement: A Title Lien Statement or TLS(TC 96-187) is used to place a lien or release a lien on a vehicle


Transfer a Vehicle Title:  When you transfer a Kentucky titled vehicle to another individual in the State of Kentucky.


Transferring a Vehicle to another state:   When you transfer a Kentucky titled vehicle to an individual in another state.


Update:  Updating your motor vehicle title for a name change or error made on your original title. 



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